Family Dentistry in Lexington

At the Lexington family dental office of Sarah Haven Davis, DMD, LLC, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and take pride in meeting the unique needs of our diverse patients.

Our gentle dentists, Dr. Davis and Dr. Bourji, have built strong relationships over the years and consider our patients family. To them, there is no greater reward than to see the children we treat, grow up and bring their own kids in for their first visit. 

Our Youngest Patients  

We love kids and our dentists know how to keep them calm with a simple and playful approach. Our dentists get your child excited about their teeth as they learn how important it is to keep their special smiles healthy and happy.

We start with a stress-free first visit at which time your child will hear fun stories, have a tour of the office, take a ride in the dental chair, and have their teeth counted before our dentist performs her exam. We make this quick and easy, and reward your child with a prize for a job well done.

Our team uses a “Tell – Show – Do” approach with children. Prior to beginning treatment, they first explain what is going to happen in simple language, then show them how easy it will be by using a toy.

We typically begin seeing children at the age of two.  However, if you have concerns about recently emerged, or erupting primary teeth, we are just as happy to see infants. Our Lexington Family dental practice employs a special system of cavity detection that can stop decay in its tracks before it spreads into the inner portion of your child’s tooth. This helps prevent more extensive treatment such as extraction or root canal therapy.

We will perform an orthodontic assessment when your child is around seven years old. If it is determined that intervention is necessary, we will work closely with an orthodontic specialist.

Our Teens and Young Adults

In addition to continuing to assess our growing patients’ need for orthodontic treatment, we stress the importance of choosing healthy habits over those that can negatively affect their smiles. Education on proper home oral health care is provided for the whole family and emphasized with our teens.

As our young patients mature, cosmetic dentistry becomes an area that they tend to explore. This may be the best time to consider improving your smile as many of our older teens and younger adults are looking toward college or entering the workforce. Anytime you want to make the best first impression or gain a higher level of confidence is a great time to improve your smile.

Restorative Dentistry

Our Lexington dental office is dedicated to maintaining, enhancing, and restoring our patients’ smiles. Whether you need a filling, crown, bridge, or dental implant, we help you keep your natural smile healthy and beautiful.

As family dentists, we get to know every aspect of your smile. When it comes to providing any restorative dental service, you can be assured quality treatment because we take great care in detailing your complete dental makeup.

Our advanced imaging equipment and digital impressions allow our dentists to make a precise diagnosis and create restorations that seamlessly blend into your smile.

Our Seniors

Our seniors get the extra attention they deserve. This includes monitoring the side-effects of any medications they may be taking, that can lead to an increased risk of decay and gum disease.

We supply neck pillows and blankets to ensure comfort and take a complete health history to check for oral signs of systemic illnesses.

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