Athletic Mouth Guard

Athletic Mouth Guard in Lexington, MA

Mouth guards are oral appliances that protect your teeth from certain injuries. Each type of guard protects from a different concern. For example, the athletic mouth guard—which many people are already familiar with—protects the teeth from breaking or being knocked out while playing a sport.

Among other oral appliance options, Sarah Haven Davis, DMD, LCC, provides athletic mouth guards. Call our office today to see how these devices can keep your smile safe.

Appropriate for All Ages

Children need to hold onto their baby teeth until they fall out naturally. Adults only have their current teeth, so they need make sure they don’t lose any teeth. Therefore, patients are never too young or old to benefits from an oral appliance. If you or your children exercise through sports, then a mouth guard will keep the teeth safe from being knocked out or damaged to the point of extraction.

What Happens When a Tooth Is Lost?

Tooth loss in adults and premature tooth loss in children are both detrimental conditions. An athletic mouth guard provided by Dr. Davis is an affordable, efficient way to make sure these conditions do not affect a patient’s oral health.

One of the jobs a baby tooth has is to serve as a placeholder for the adult teeth. It helps the new tooth erupt into a proper position comfortably. When a child loses a baby tooth too soon, the adult tooth is more likely to emerge at an improper angle, causing malocclusion at best and impaction at worst.

For adults, the jaw bone shrinks at the site where they lost a tooth. This loss of bone volume can make a patient look older than they should, increase the chances of further tooth loss, and make the jaw more susceptible to breaking.

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Sarah Haven Davis, DMD, LCC, offers athletic mouth guards to Lexington and all surrounding communities. Call our office to discuss how a custom-fit mouth guard can protect your smile!

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